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Kelly Clarkson Show Cakesmash – Cakesmash Photography Milford Connecticut

How did this Kelly Clarkson Show Cakesmash happen? Let’s start by saying I have always loved Kelly. I shed tears when she won the very first American Idol. I have been following her career ever since and been to a few concerts which are always amazing!!! I just saw her at Mohegan Sun earlier this year with my dear friend Kylie. We had a blast and if you never listened to her music. Now is the time! In September this amazing lady started hosting her very own talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, naturally, I had to watch it – and what can I say, I have been hooked since episode one has aired. She is a natural hosting the show, with her bubbly personality and her contagious laugh, she will pull you right in, make you feel at home while watching the show. I love the concept, that the celebrities stay on the couch with her throughout the show, I LOVE that she opens the show with a song that is not hers (she said she doesn’t want to be vain). Her show will make you feel good, will make you laugh and cry, and will leave you in awe how much one person can talk in an hour. Haha. I just love that lady!

So naturally, when it came time for another celebrity cakesmash, I knew it had to be a Kelly Clarkson Show cakesmash! I had a few people interested, being big Kelly Clarkson fans themselves. So now it was time to recreate the setup. And what fun that was! I got most of the items on Amazon, and of course Homegoods! The sunflower cake (Kelly’s centerpiece) was made by my friend Jade Ramos who also lives in Milford and makes amazing cakes. I printed out the golden records after buying a template on iStock. I had so much fun trying to recreate their setup. My assistant Andrea helped me to find some amazing lighting to recreate the fun lighting they have on the show. Target for the win. Target was also where I got the adorable outfit. Funny story about the outfit is, that the very next day after we photographed this smash Kelly wore a smilier outfit on the show. It was like I knew it. So funny! We had a lot of people interested in this Kelly Cakesmash so it was hard to pick just one person for this model call. We had a cute little girl come for the cakesmash and unfortunately she did not like the idea of being near a cake. We tried it over and over again, but she got upset every time the cake got near her. So after trying to get her to smash the cake we finally had to give up. I left the setup up for a few days and thought about trying it again after making some changes to the setup. I reached out to the next person, which also happened to be my friend, as I know Jasmine is a huge Kelly fan as well. It was perfect timing because her littlest one Iris is about to turn one in December. As soon as I suggested the smash to her, she was all excited about it. So Jade made us another cake and it was a go!

Well, Iris did not disappoint, she loved that cake-like Kelly loves cake. Or really all of us if we are honest. 🙂 She couldn’t get enough of it and when she started eating it with her feet we all lost it! It was so fun! Thank you to my neighbor Justine for doing a little behind the video that would come in handy at some point. I added a Halloween twist to the shoot because I know how Kelly loves her holidays and it was also October so it felt right to post those images on Halloween! I couldn’t believe that the Kelly Clarkson Show people noticed the post that very same day! When they called me later that day I almost fainted. Little did I know that that was just the beginning. On Friday we got the news that they wanted us to come to the show. Absolutely insane I know! I had a whole weekend filled with Christmas Tree Mini Shots ahead of me and mountains of images to edit, but when the Kelly Clarkson Show calls you make it happen! So after the weekend on Monday, my neighbor Dan drove us to the airport! It still felt super unreal but it got a bit more real when we boarded the plane. One of my other favorite singers Rob Thomas happened to be on our plane! Someone pinch me! We had a little chat with him and he told us to say hi to Kelly! He was the nicest guy! Funny enough Kylie and I were just at his concert earlier this year as well. Yes, Kylie and I go to a lot of concerts, in case you are wondering. 🙂

We got to LA late on Monday and were so tired that we went right into our rooms where we had some great room service. YUM. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my big bed all for myself! We got up early on Tuesday and had a very sweet lady do our hair & makeup before we were pickup to go to the taping. We had our own dressing room (whatttt) and people took such good care of us! We got our clothes steamed and our hair & makeup touched up (which actually meant fully done, I even got fake lashes!) It was heaven. We felt so welcomed and spoiled. I started to get super nervous as it started to set in that we were about to walk out on stage to meet Kelly! It was so great to see her in person and I remember hugging her and she said I smelled nice. That is about all I remember from the actual taping because I blacked out in my head! haha. I have never been this nervous in my life. We made it through and watching it back, it must have been super fun. Hahahaha. It felt so surreal and it went by super fast! After the show, my car was already waiting to take me back to the airport. Jasmine and Iris stayed one more night, and I missed them already. I was back home on Wednesday by 3 am – after being away for only 40 hours! What a trip of a lifetime!

Today they showed our piece on the show and it still feels surreal! But I guess it is up there with Kelly, Nick, Timothy, Arden, and Maneet. In case you are wondering we got to meet all of them after the show for a bit, except Kelly & Nick. They had to rush on to their next adventure. Not before we got to shake their hands though. 🙂

Thank you, everyone, for all the likes, and love = this was an adventure we will never forget! I am so appreciative of all your support. Now let’s see some images!!!

First, let’s start off with the show’s twitter post:


And then let check out the video of us being on the show with courtesy of Kelly’s Youtube:

and here are some on-set photos also courtesy of the Kelly Clarkson Show.

Kelly Clarkson Ute Christin Photography

THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW — “Episode 3053” — Pictured: (l-r) Timothy Omundson, Kelly Clarkson– (Photo by: Adam Christopher /NBCUniversal)

We also made an appearance in the 10 best moments of season 1 -chosen by SheKnows. We also got a shoot out from CookingShows.com!

Now let’s see some images from the actual smash!



Cakesmash Photography Connecticut

Thank you for reading on! I hope you enjoyed viewing this cakesmash photography session on the blog post as much as I enjoyed capturing it. A little bit more about me, I am an on-location, natural light, lifestyle and portrait Photographer, focusing on Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Families and Children of all ages in Connecticut. In addition, I have a beautiful photography studio located in Milford, Connecticut, which is best suited for Newborn, Maternity and Milestone Photography Sessions for children three to twelve months. Curious where you will be going for your cakesmash? Take a peek at my cozy state of the art studio located right off Exit 35|I95.

Cakesmash photography sessions are such a fun way to capture your little one turning one! They take a lot of planning, so ideally we would like about 6 weeks notice to set them up. If you already have a theme in mind, even better, I will work with you to have your vision come alive. I have tons of different backdrops that you can choose from to customize your session. We will talk about colors, themes, and most importantly cake! This will be a fun shoot to capture the personality of your little one at this special age, they only turn 1 once, right?

To get excited and start getting some ideas, feel free to browse some older cakesmash session on the blog. This way you can get an idea of what to expect before booking your very own cakesmash photography session.


I love posting sneak peeks of my current sessions on my Facebook and Instagram page, so if you are on either of those please head over there and follow me so we can stay in touch! Another option is to receive future blog entries via email – this way you can stay in touch that way if you are ready for some fun session coming your way, click here to Subscribe!

If you are looking for a cakesmash photographer in Connecticut – look no farther I would love to capture those special moments for you. Soon it could be your time to be portrayed on this blog! It is never too early to book a cakesmash session as I only take a certain amount of them every month. However, last-minute bookings can be requested and are based on availability during that time.

Please contact us about booking your Connecticut cakesmash photography session today by clicking right here. Another quick way to reach us is via email:  hello@utechristinphotography.com

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