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Cakesmash Photography in Connecticut

When, How, and Why

So, you are looking for cakesmash photography in Connecticut? So nice to have you hear! Cakesmashes are one of my specialties and very dear to my heart! I believe the first birthday should be celebrated in style!

You might have heard about my celebrity cakesmashes and a few of them even went viral! If you do not know what I am talking about please click here to check them out! Aren’t they so fun? We also have a section on the blog dedicated to our regular cake smashes. You can check out past cakesmash sessions right here via the link. My goal is to make this a fantastic experience for you and your child. We love to customize these sessions for every client. However, we also offer a collection that you can make your own.

We like to do our smashes when the little ones are between 10 and 11 months old.  Yes, we do those ways earlier than you would think, for various reasons. The most important one – at 10/11 months they are happier than 12 months old. Yes, it is just a fact. 🙂 Also, most kids do not walk at that time, so it will be easier to keep them in the setup. The great part about this? You will have your images back before their big birthday smash!

Once you book your session we’ll collaborate about what clothes will work best for this fun shoot, what you’re envisioning for the session, and how soon we can make this happen. Please keep in mind that we need a minimum of SIX weeks to plan out a deluxe cakesmash if you want customized items. We also have a list of cakesmash themes that you can choose from that we can turn around in a nick of time.

We do not offer sibling and/or family images before, during, or after our cakesmash sessions. Why? Because little ones have a 20-minute attention span. Therefore, we want to make sure those little ones are the happiest during their cakesmash. After putting so much work into planning we highly recommend that the cakesmash is the only thing you focus on that day.

Ready to Go Cakesmash Themes

Sometimes time is of the essence and you might want to schedule your cakesmash sooner rather than later! As a result, we have a few “ready-to-go” themes that you can pick from. We can turn these around in a nick of time and get that special cakesmash celebration started. We will recreate the themes exactly as shown below maybe with slight changes if needed. Most are printed backdrops that cannot be changed as they are printed as shown. Meaning if you see a baloon garland the colors cannot be changed.

Let’s capture those Nuggets for you!

Photographing children is what got me started with photography! When I came to the US as an Aupair working with so many different children sparked my interest in photography. There is always something to be captured.  In other words, child photography is not always easy, but that makes it fun, right Connecticut? You never know what to expect, and that keeps it interesting. 🙂

Cakesmashes will take place in my Milford studio.

Once you book a cakesmash, we will get started right away with finding a theme that you are most happy about.  Here are some websites for you to check out and get excited about:

Vintage Inspired Outfits – Super adorable outfits for boys

Birdie Baby Boutique  – Adorable headbands for girls and banners for any session

Princess and the Pea – Adorable pieces to complete your cake smash

I know there are many great choices when it comes to Child Photography in Connecticut, therefore, I am so happy you are here! Now let’s get you to book your very own cakesmash photography session!

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