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Ellen DeGeneres Cakesmash – Gone Viral! Connecticut Child Photography | Milford

If you know me, you know how much I love Ellen. I pretty much live my life in my Ellen hoodie and items from her Walmart collection. I began watching her show when I came to the U.S. and have been watching it ever since. The first few years I watched it with subtitles because my English was so bad. I had no idea what they were talking about. Plus she does speak kind of fast, haha. Coming from the entertainment business I’ve always been interested in celebrities. So this was the perfect show for me to watch. I love how they give back to people every day and how they tell stories of people that would make you cry or laugh or both. My ultimate goal is to somehow get to Ellen’s Twelve Days of Giveaways one year, even though that is probably impossible. Hey, a girl can dream! One year I was lucky enough to get tickets to her special New York City taping and it was such a great time!

I remember she danced through our row and she shook my hand and I didn’t want to ever wash it again. It only took a day or two and I finally had to 🙂 I used to watch her show live at 4 pm every day but between working a full-time job in NYC with a long commute and starting my own business with a demanding schedule and my children’s school schedule it is impossible to catch live. I know priorities, priorities! Also, ever since we ditched cable we had to get Hulu Live so I could record it and watch it at night. Her show always put me in a good mood. I cry through most episodes thanks to those heart-wrenching stories but I have been known for my emotional side and I am ok with it! A crier and a hugger. That’s me!

Part of my typical week is that I always plan cakesmashes for my clients. One day about a year ago I woke up and was thinking about how fun it would be to do an Ellen Cakesmash! I  had the perfect girl in mind I wanted to use. She was such a cute blonde even as a newborn. She had tons of blonde hair. I ordered some items from the Ellenshop for my set design. I knew tWitch had to be in this shoot. Having followed his journey since “So You Think You Can Dance” and he is such a great addition to the show! I wanted the colors to be based on the show colors. Then I saw this cute onesie at the shop and thought that would be a nice contrast to the rest of the setup. I based the balloon garland around the colors of her show and added the color pop. It took me a while to blow up all the balloons and tie them together, but I loved how it all came together!

My baker Jade Ramos, made the fun cake. She also made my decoration dreams come true! Funny inside story, when I sent her a screenshot of the Ellen sign in order to replicate it there was something else was in the image that didn’t belong there. So when she copied the image she painted it onto the sign. I had such a great laugh about it when I picked it up, once I figured out how it had happened. So I had to color in every single sign on the final images in photoshop so it wouldn’t show. I am still laughing now thinking about it. The worst part is, that it took her forever to get it just right (thinking the part had to be there). So funny, isn’t it? I knew I wanted her two slogans to be incorporated so in the back you can see it says “Have a little fun today” and the cake had to read “be kind to one another”. The sentence she uses to finish off every show.

I was so excited about this fun smash to happen! We played Ellen’s theme song “Today’s the Day” by P!nk over and over again and it put everyone in a great mood. I enlisted my dear neighbor Justine to record a few segments throughout the smash and she did great. Click here to see some video of this fun smash! Little miss Ariella was not very interested in having any cake that day. Instead, she just kept crawling off the set, over and over again. I think her parents had to bring her back to the set about 50 times. They were covered in cake more so than she was. She was extremely interested in messing with tWitch and anything else in the setup, however. She enjoyed picking up mini Ellen and carrying her around. At some point, she even put the entire Ellen doll in her mouth! It was quite funny to watch. Then she moved on to nibble on some Ellen mugs and she kept slamming them on the floor. That was the time we decided to end this smash so she wouldn’t end up destroying my Ellen swag, I mean… time to stop so she wouldn’t get hurt. Haha.

This feels like a lifetime ago but it was only 2 weeks ago! Two weeks you guys! Two crazy weeks have followed the smash!

The smash has been shared on Popsugar, iHeart Radio, Cafemom, Babygaga, Red Tricycle, Parents.com, MSN, Love what Matters on FB, Yahoo, Pressform, Republicworld, Akenor.com

Headtopics, Fooshya,  Milford Mirror, CT Post, New Haven Register , The Ridgefield Press, and The Hour.


Then last week on September 6th, a day I will never forget… The Ellen show shared one of the images on Twitter and Facebook!!!!

Ellen Degeneres Show Cakesmash

My family and I were sitting at a local restaurant ready to celebrate some of the shares that had happened that week. My phone started to blow up with people loving the Ellen post. So so sweet! I want to tell you all how much all your support and love has meant throughout all of this. Seriously, my mind is still blown! I am hoping Ellen has actually seen these images and I hope she had a good chuckle about them. It was so much fun creating this setup and I am so happy it spread so much kindness around the world wide web!

Can’t wait to go back to LA one day and get tickets for her show again. Last time we went they didn’t have any tickets available for the days we were there, but I can’t say we didn’t try! I did the studio tour though. We drove right by her studio, next time though, we are going inside! Anyone coming on an LA trip with me?


Cakesmash Photography Connecticut

Thank you for reading on! I hope you enjoyed viewing this cakesmash photography session on the blog post as much as I enjoyed capturing it. A little bit more about me, I am an on-location, natural light, lifestyle and portrait Photographer, focusing on Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Families and Children of all ages in Connecticut. In addition, I have a beautiful photography studio located in Milford, Connecticut, which is best suited for Newborn, Maternity and Milestone Photography Sessions for children three to twelve months. Curious where you will be going for your cakesmash? Take a peek at my cozy state of the art studio located right off Exit 35|I95.

Cakesmash photography sessions are such a fun way to capture your little one turning one! They take a lot of planning, so ideally we would like about 6 weeks notice to set them up. If you already have a theme in mind, even better, I will work with you to have your vision come alive. I have tons of different backdrops that you can choose from to customize your session. We will talk about colors, themes, and most importantly cake! This will be a fun shoot to capture the personality of your little one at this special age, they only turn 1 once, right?

To get excited and start getting some ideas, feel free to browse some older cakesmash session on the blog. This way you can get an idea of what to expect before booking your very own cakesmash photography session.


I love posting sneak peeks of my current sessions on my Facebook and Instagram page, so if you are on either of those please head over there and follow me so we can stay in touch! Another option is to receive future blog entries via email – this way you can stay in touch that way if you are ready for some fun session coming your way, click here to Subscribe!

If you are looking for a cakesmash photographer in Connecticut – look no farther I would love to capture those special moments for you. Soon it could be your time to be portrayed on this blog! It is never too early to book a cakesmash session as I only take a certain amount of them every month. However, last-minute bookings can be requested and are based on availability during that time.

Please contact us about booking your Connecticut cakesmash photography session today by clicking right here. Another quick way to reach us is via email:  hello@utechristinphotography.com

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