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The Final How-To for Getting Ready for Your Brand Photo Session

The day for your big brand photoshoot is fast approaching! These will be the photos that showcase your unique style and point of view across all of your marketing materials, and you want to get it right. But don’t worry, I’ve got you. Here is a final checklist that walks you through everything you need to do to get photos that show your brand off in the best way possible.


Don’t neglect the threads! Your outfit speaks volumes about your brand, so choose carefully. Pick colors and styles that reflect your brand persona, and always make sure they fit your body (get them altered if they don’t!). Make sure they’re clean and ironed (sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised). Avoid logos if they aren’t your own. And don’t mistake your personal style with your brand style. Your Crocs might be your go-to at home, but they might not be the best reflection of your accounting firm.

hair and makeup


Hair and Makeup

Even the most natural look can benefit from some professional care. Hiring professionals for hair and makeup ensures you look your best, and having them on set gives you another set of eyes protecting you from errant hair and shine. But don’t overdo it! Unless your brand calls for it, heavy makeup can not only feel uncomfortable, but it can look fake and put off your potential consumer. In most cases, you’re going for the best version of yourself, not someone else entirely.

Location and Props

Your locale is an unsung character in your brand story. It reflects the style and feel of the brand as much as your beautiful face. Pick a spot that communicates that style, be it a studio or a beach or the front of your store. Use props that support that story, and if you have products, make sure they get lots of love as well.

Headshot Man Standing

Poses and Expressions

Practice makes perfect! Don’t be afraid to try out your favorite poses and smiles in the mirror. Take some test shots at home to get used to posing for the camera. The goal is to feel comfortable, so the more you practice, the more the real you will shine through.

Communication with Your Photographer

Your photographer is your partner in crime. They need to know everything you do. So walk through everything you want before you start shooting. Make sure they understand your goals and your point of view. Provide samples of what you like so they understand your taste. And always communicate during the shoot. If you’re uncomfortable, say so! Air your concerns while there is time to address them, not after when you’re staring at photos you don’t like and can’t change.

Timeline and Logistics

A strong plan is the key to a smooth shoot. Decide on the hours beforehand, plan the setups, have a list of props and locations so there are no last-minute rushes, and don’t forget to plan on transportation time if you’re moving from place to place. Put together your packing list beforehand, with makeup, hair care, accessories, and outfits packed and ready to go. The more you lay out in advance, the smoother the day will go.

Headshot Photography

Post-Production and Editing

Though the shoot is over, there is still plenty to do. The photographer will work with you on photo selection, color correction, overlays, and touch-ups. This is your last chance to get what you want, so be vocal, but also remember you might not be seeing the final product yet, so don’t get worried until you have to! And don’t obsess about your imperfections (easier said than done, I know). What you see is not what the consumer sees, so gather some valued opinions before doing too much tweaking. You’ll be glad you did.

I hope these steps helped! They really work for any type of shoot, from branding to family photos, so feel free to use them any time you hire a photographer. Good luck with your shoot and don’t forget to have a blast!

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