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Children School Photos | Connecticut Child Photography – Back to School Event

This event was very dear to my heart! Due to COVID school was cut short early in March and those kiddos never got a proper school photo or a graduation! My little guy started Kindergarten this year and I knew I wanted to document that fun event with some pictures! Had to get some of my big girl as well, who started 4th grade this Fall AND long story short, the idea of school pictures was born! I was so happy we were able to do this event and the smiles and laughter of these little people brought me so much joy!

I LOVE the backdrop we used as it looks so great and real and we had some fun props to play with. Don’t worry every kid got their own apple, so no germs were exchanged. 🙂 Looking back at these now, I wonder if we should make it an annual event, because first we had a blast and second – who doesn’t want awesome school pictures for their kiddos?

Ok let’s start off with some cute little people! This sweet little guy Brayden I have photographed a bunch of time throughout his life and it is always a pleasure to see him:


This is my sweet girl. I cannot believe she is entering 4th grade, I feel like she was just born and I held her in my arms. Now I have to sit down to hold her because she is soooo big!

Let’s move on to those adorable brothers, they are always so fun to photograph and I have photographed them many times throughout the last few years. Their mom has become a dear friend and these smiles are really contagious, don’t you think?


This was my first time photographing this sweet young lady! She was a natural in front of the camera and brought her best smiles.


This is our little buddy Finn, his mom is German just like me and we hang out all the time. He just started first grade in style and also bought his A-game for his school photos!


Now this little trouble maker just started Kindergarten. His mom is a dear friend of mine and also has two very awesome siblings! His older sister and my daughter were born only 7 days apart and have been friends since birth. Such a special family to have in my life!


Moving on to Abraham who is also a great little friend! His mom and I met in a breastfeeding class when our boys were born. Such fond memories and such a special time in our lives. He is just too cute and always a joy to see him.


Let’s see my little buddy Layla! I just love her and her family so much! A few years ago I ran into them at a fair and told her parents I had to photograph her because she was one of the most adorable kiddos I had ever seen. And here we are a few years later and they have become long time family photography clients. I am so grateful for that because my life is so much better with them in it!


Now here we have this super duper cute dude! He recently became a big brother to twin boys and I was lucky to photograph them as newborns right after they were being born. Now it was his time to shine.


Last but not least, let’s see my little dude! He just started Kindergarten and I am also very confused on how he is so big already? I mean he literally was just born!!!!:) I could squeeze that face all day long, he is the best snuggler and always has something nice to say. However, he is also the kind of meltdowns and he has a potty mouth, that would make every trucker blush! ( I blame his dad for that, haha)


Alright, I hope you had fun looking at all those adorable kiddos. I cannot wait for the next school event, don’t you think we should make this an annual event??

Child Photography Connecticut

Thank you for reading on! I hope you enjoyed viewing this special photography session on the blog post as much as I enjoyed capturing it. A little bit more about me, I am an on-location, natural light, lifestyle and portrait Photographer, focusing on Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Families and Children of all ages in Connecticut. In addition, I have a beautiful photography studio located in Milford, Connecticut, which is best suited for Newborn, Maternity and Milestone Photography Sessions for children three to twelve months. Curious where you will be going for your studio session? Take a peek at my cozy state of the art studio located right off Exit 35|I95.

Child photography sessions are such a fun way to capture your little ones! We have many options when it comes to the type of session, we could do them in the studio, we could do them outside, we could do them in the bathtub. So many fun places and options to choose from! Photographing children got me into photography, of course, I started off photographing my own, so to do this for you – means a whole lot to me!

To get excited and start getting some ideas, feel free to browse some older child session on the blog. This way you can get an idea of what to expect before booking your very own child photography session.


I love posting sneak peeks of my current sessions on my Facebook and Instagram page, so if you are on either of those please head over there and follow me so we can stay in touch! Another option is to receive future blog entries via email – this way you can stay in touch that way if you are ready for some fun session coming your way, click here to Subscribe!

If you are looking for a photographer in Connecticut to photograph your little ones – look no farther I would love to capture those special moments for you. Soon it could be your time to be portrayed on this blog! It is never too early to book a photography session as I only take a certain amount of them every month. However, last-minute bookings can be requested and are based on availability during that time.

Please contact us about booking your Connecticut child photography session today by clicking right here. Another quick way to reach us is via email:  hello@utechristinphotography.com

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